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United Way of the LakeshoreMission for Area People recently applied for a grant from United Way of the Lakeshore to assist Muskegon County’s ALICE (Asset, Limited, Income,   Constrained, Employed) population.  The grant will be used to help the ALICE population with car repairs, car insurance, and gas cards, to help them get to work.   There are many reasons why our ALICE population are having a hard time keeping steady employment and one of the findings, through a survey done by United Way of the Lakeshore, is transportation issues, whether it be car repairs, lack of affordable car insurance, or gasoline.  MAP will also partner with Lebanon Lutheran Church in Whitehall to assist the ALICE population in rural areas of the county with transportation needs.  The funding is limited so MAP will reach out to mechanics in the area who are willing to be a partner and provide the best service with the most cost effective rate. Thank you United Way of the Lakeshore for your trust and partnership with Mission for Area People.