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Join Mission for Area People for Match Day 2020.

One way you can help during the Pandemic is to give a gift to MAP that will be matched so we can continue providing front-line services to those affected by COVID-19.

What is Match Day?

Match Day, developed by the Community Foundation, United Way of the Lakeshore and local donors, is designed to provide operating support to our partner organizations that typically rely on private fundraising to fulfill their missions. These nonprofits have been invited to participate, and a complete list of participating organizations can be found below.

What is a "proportional" match, and how does it work?

The match pool is seeded by a $75,000 grant from the Community Foundation with plans to grow it to more than $100,000. Match dollars will be distributed proportionally across all participating organizations. Gifts of up to $1,000 per donor, per organization, will qualify for the match. Donors are welcome to give more, but only the first $1,000 per organization will be matched. 

If you give a $1,000 - Mission for Area People will receive your gift and a match of $1,000!

How do I donate?

To donate, visit the Muskegon County Community Foundation's website, this page from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM on June 3, 2020. (Please note that this site will not be live until that day and time.)

Donors are encouraged to give online, but for those who cannot, MAP will collect checks at our office on 2500 Jefferson Street, Muskegon Hts. Checks must be made payable directly to Mission for Area People, dated June 3, and delivered to us prior to 7pm on June 3 to be considered for the match.

This funding will help our organization continue providing food, clothing, shelter, and other emergency assistance to those that have been affected by COVID-19, isolation and the quarantine. If you have any questions, or to learn more about Match Day, please call our office at 231-733-9672. Thank you for your support!

Volunteer Kelly Burns shares her story on working with the food pantry

Tough times can bring out the best in people. At the beginning of the pandemic, when the community started to quarantine and businesses began shutting down, MAP put out a call to United Way of the Lakeshore seeking volunteers willing to brave it. Although MAP had many dedicated long-term volunteers, they now needed help.

Instead of allowing clients to shop and choose healthy food items, MAP had to adjust for curb-side pick-up and offer home delivery for those in isolation. They needed to change the way the pantry operates. Kelly Burns shares how she connected with Mission for Area People's Food Pantry through United Way of the Lakeshore and why she helps out. By signing up with United Way's volunteer site, she was able to give back at a time when extra hands are needed. Kelly said, "she's blessed to work with such a dedicated team at MAP."

To learn more about United Way of the Lakeshore, log onto www.unitedwaylakeshore,org/volunteer or call our office at 231-733-9672 to learn how you can volunteer.

We're celebrating 17 years with Diana Wright-Stubbs as Executive Director of Mission for Area People. She shares insight on how she got started in non-profit and what motivates her to continue this work. She talks about how the medical fund was created after the death of her daughter, Carrie Ann, and how it grew over the years to raise more than $600,000 to help our neighbors with prescriptions, medical equipment and supplies. We are so grateful for her service to the community.

Photo of Diane with her daughter Carrie Ann Wright, who passed on December 31, 1987 at 12 years old.