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United Way of the LakeshoreMission for Area People recently applied for a grant from United Way of the Lakeshore to assist Muskegon County’s ALICE (Asset, Limited, Income,   Constrained, Employed) population.  The grant will be used to help the ALICE population with car repairs, car insurance, and gas cards, to help them get to work.   There are many reasons why our ALICE population are having a hard time keeping steady employment and one of the findings, through a survey done by United Way of the Lakeshore, is transportation issues, whether it be car repairs, lack of affordable car insurance, or gasoline.  MAP will also partner with Lebanon Lutheran Church in Whitehall to assist the ALICE population in rural areas of the county with transportation needs.  The funding is limited so MAP will reach out to mechanics in the area who are willing to be a partner and provide the best service with the most cost effective rate. Thank you United Way of the Lakeshore for your trust and partnership with Mission for Area People.

In 1962 Henry (then 22 years old) was in a car accident.  He crushed his ankle and had to have surgery.  A year after the ankle surgery the doctors determined the ankle should be amputated.  Henry was reluctant to have the surgery as he didn’t want to lose his ankle with an artificial one, but he finally agreed to have the surgery. Unfortunately, the artificial ankle got infected and had to be removed.  The infection spread to the lower leg which also had to be amputated at the knee.  After several years of the same prosthetic, the pain was increasingly getting worse.  Henry’s prosthetic no longer fit correctly and a new one was needed. The total cost of the new prosthetic was $9,560.  Although Henry had insurance, his out‐of‐pocket expense totaled $2,051.  On a limited income of Social Security, he did not have the co‐pay amount needed for his prosthetic. Henry’s caseworker advised him to call Mission for Area People for financial assistance through our Medical support fund.  When he was told MAP would pay the co‐pay he said, “I can’t believe it!  I’ve called all over and you are the only organization who can help me”.   Helping Henry is just one of the many ways your support makes a difference at Mission for Area People.