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Dec. 1, 2020 Advent Stories of Grace, Compassion and Kindness

Her speech is slowly getting better. Since the stroke in October, Cynthia has had to fight to get better, using her strong will as a force for healing. You see, she has eight little reasons for gaining strength and they are all under the age of 11 years old. Cynthia is raising her grandchildren's children and she is determined to get better so they can be back under her care.

“God be the glory,” said Cynthia. “I am a miracle. I give Him the credit for saving my life.”

At the age of 64, her toughest job is loving four of her great-grandchildren and four of her niece’s children. Her grand-daughter is still in prison and her niece couldn’t care for all of her children, so Cynthia promised that she’d care for the kids. Right now, she can only see them through the nursing home window while she goes through rehabilitation from the stroke. “I got to see them today,” said Cynthia. “The littlest one was so excited to see Granny, he wanted to jump through the window.”

Cynthia has been coming to MAP’s food pantry for the past four years for mostly diapers. Occasionally, she asks for food only when her food stamps (snap benefits) won’t stretch far enough to make it through the end of the month. Diana Wright-Stubbs, Executive Director of MAP, always makes sure they have enough.

Update - during the month of November, Cynthia came down with COVID-19 and remains at Mercy Hospital. Her fever has dropped but she still struggles with pneumonia. Her 84 year old mother and sister are taking care of the children.

Cynthia has faith in God’s protection and knows he is in control of their future.

Cynthia Phillips
A Grandmother's love helps Cynthia heal.
Cynthia's Grandchildren
Her family at Halloween.
Baskets for Cynthia
Care Baskets for Cynthia from MAP Staff